Profit optimization partner of SME websites and forums.

So, your site has enough traffic, an interesting target group and is lucrative for both users and advertisers?

Then we will help you make money and optimize your traffic. Earn more revenue with our real-time optimization and a 100% utilization of your advertising inventory. With our efficient optimization methods, we find the relevant advertisers for each individual website in order to maintain a steady display of quality advertising campaigns on your pages. You will not have to worry about anything else, simply enjoy the steady increase in your current income. Our experienced optimization teams negotiate with agencies, closing the perfect deal for you with a guarantee of optimal monetization for your web inventory. As a very well networked company, we offer you the opportunity to work with premium advertisers and inturn, increase your sales. In order to be paid for each impression, achieving the highest eCPM (effective cost per mile) is our priority.

5 pillars for your monetization success

Permanent profit maximization

  • Optimizing your traffic
  • Real Time Bidding (advertising sales process in real time)
  • Monetization of each ad impression at the highest real time price offered

Personal ad management

  • Personal and expert advice on an individually tailored solution
  • Our experienced and well networked team will find the perfect promotional partner for you
  • Your personal ad manager takes care of the strategic utilization of each ad impression and is always available for you

Premium marketing

  • Booking quality commercials for your target audience
  • Review of all advertisements by your personal ad manager
  • Optimal utilization and monetization of your traffic
  • Permanent maximization of your advertising revenues

Reliable Payment

  • On-time payments each month, or after an agreed period
  • Transparency through achieving measurable outcomes


  • Fast integration, simple setup
  • Support for integration
  • Technical assistance through the IXOLIT Group
  • No costs

Your benefits as a publisher

  • Years of experience and expertise
  • Personal and individual support and consultation
  • Utilization of each ad impression
  • Cooperation with selected partners, which guarantee an optimal utilization of your traffic
  • Maximization of your revenue and monetization of your website by qualitative advertising formats
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