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IXOADS offers a wide range of highly effective advertising formats for your online advertising needs. Depending on the campaign objective, we will find the optimal display format in order to achieve the highest impact for your campaign or target audience. Campaigns are employed by our well-versed team, ensuring that your sales are optimized and your web/mobile traffic are at 100% capacity. This is how we are able to guarantee both the monetization of your audience and the greatest results for each ad impression. Our innovative and creative ads are always flexible and are suitable for all screen sizes, devices and platforms. Use our network and reach your target audience through selective targeting. The advertising formats presented in the following section are based on standards whose dimensions and placement on the website is indicated here. However, as these are quite flexible, dimensions and placement may vary, depending upon agreement with the client. This allows for an individually, customized adaptation of the banner for its respective target.

Standard IAB Creatives


Size: -

The sitebar uses the free area in the browser to the right of the content. Here, the form of advertising is dynamically adapted to the available screen space. This eye-catching advertising format provides an ideal display of advertising content and ensures exclusive placement of your advertising message! The size of the sidebar can be customized to your liking.


Size: 970 x 250

The billboard is 800 × 250 pixels in size, but usually larger depending on the customer, and thus a particularly large-scale banner, which even exceeds the super banner in terms of conspicuousness. It appears horizontally across the entire width of the website and thereby passes into the direct field of view of the user. The billboard offers much space to prominently and creatively present advertising content.


Size: 300 x 500, 300 x 600

The large-scale half-page ad can virtually not be overlooked because, like the skyscraper, it is extremely prominently integrated into the page structure. The size is ideal for complex advertising messages and creative effects. For example, the half-page ad is effective for large branding campaigns.

Leaderboard / Super Banner

Size: 728 x 90

The leaderboard offers considerably more space than the full banner, and its most prominent placement at the top of the website ensures an intense advertising impact. Directly in view of the user, this form of advertising attracts much attention.

Content Ad / Medium Rectangle

Size: 300 x 250

The content ad is placed directly into the editorial content and is therefore significantly prominent and remains particularly longer within the view of the user. The integration into the page contents also enhances confidence in the advertising message. The medium is well suited for streaming content.

Large Rectangle

Size: 336 x 280

This offers enough space for advertising messages. The better it is integrated into the editorial content, the greater is the advertising effect. The format is particularly suitable for both image and text ads.

Wide Skyscraper

Size: 160 x 600

The wide skyscraper can be used even more creatively than the skyscraper. One can implement their ideas in this format using GIF, JPEG and Flash. Like the skyscraper, the wide version of the high advertising block achieves large amounts of attention with its placement.


Size: 120 x 600

The skyscraper is an advertising medium in portrait format, which, in most cases, is placed to the right of the content. Due to its content-relevant placement, skyscraper is a big attention-getter. It can also be made “sticky” so that it migrates during scrolling and therefore stays constantly in view.

Full Banner

Size: 468 x 60

The full banner is the classic form of advertising and is ever increasingly distinguished from the super banner. Due to its universal format, the advertising space directly placed in the header of the website can be used on all pages in immediately visible areas.

Mobile Creatives

Mobile Standard Banner

Size: 300×50, 300/320×75, 300/320×150

The mobile banner is considered a classic among the different forms of advertising and is available in various sizes and positions on all mobile platforms. This standard format is one of the most popular mobile advertising media forms and is used on mobile websites and apps in order to achieve a high level of attention in users. If desired, one can distinguish between small, medium and large banners.

Interstitial / Fullscreen

Size: 800 x 600

This form of advertising is an interactive display that offers exclusive advertising space with a high image factor. The advertisement will appear immediately on a website when loaded. The user is interrupted by the on-screen advertising before the actual screen appears. The interstitial is an attention-grabbing advertising medium and can be realized in many shapes and sizes, up to a full screen.

Content Ad / Medium Rectangle

Size: 300 x 250

The content ad is placed directly into the editorial content and is therefore significantly prominent and remains particularly longer within the view of the user. The integration into the page contents also enhances confidence in the advertising message. The medium is well suited for streaming content.



Size: 728 x 90 + 160 x 600 + (background)

The wallpaper combines the two forms of advertising, the leaderboard and the skyscraper, against a colored background that is sometimes clickable: It combines a head of 728 × 90 pixels with a side column of 120 × 600 or 160 × 600 pixels. The wallpaper thus prominently frames the editorial content. For this reason, this format is particularly suitable for product launch campaigns, branding and image campaigns

Fireplace / Web Skin

Size: 160 x 600 + 160 x 600 + titlebar

The fireplace is made up mostly of a super banner above and two skyscrapers to the left and right of the content. This arrangement highlights the advertising message rather prominently, and it guarantees intense branding. The dimensions of the fireplace are 990 × 150 pixels above and 160 × 600 pixels to the left and right, whereas it either strikingly frames the content from above or it can be adjusted with agreed dimensions based on the layout of the page.

Layer Ad / Flashlayer

Size: -

The layer ad is an extremely versatile form of advertising, whose technical details can be varied accordingly. The banner floats above the content of the website and is therefore flexible and not limited to a specific position. In addition, very diverse ideas can be implemented with the layer ad, which then attracts a lot of attention.

Interstitial Ad

Size: -

The interstitial is usually an 800 × 600 pixel-large pop-up that interrupts the user like a TV commercial when he is navigating. It appears similar to the layer ad, which is centered on the page. This makes it ideal for branding, product launches and promotions. The interstitial closes by itself if it cannot be closed by the user.

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