About us

Achieve more together and maximize profits!

Our philosophy

We analyze our customers confidently using all possibilities that may contribute to the increase in profits of the site. All measures are implemented in close cooperation with our customers, and our service is always transparent and success-oriented. We only benefit financially if our customers can benefit by our help and increase their profits. We are not makers of big promises, but consultants and coaches of individual clients with the desire for professional marketing and increasing profits.


Our professional team has worked for over 15 years with passion on finding solutions for publishers and advertisers that exploit their maximum potential. We offer efficient, flexible and diverse solutions for web and mobile channels. IXOADS allows you optimal monetization through powerful diversity and professional care. Your personal ad or campaign manager supports you with his years of experience at the highest level and offers an individual, tailor-made solution. We are the interface between publishers and advertisers and we build bridges in the most effective and reliable way to benefit both sides as much as possible. IXOADS has a large network in order to achieve the correct, high-quality objective for you. Benefit from our expertise and our commitment. Then your profit maximization is secured.

Our customers

Our services are aimed primarily at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individuals who are represented by an online project on the internet. Often overlooked by major marketing companies and companies that are only interested in the “big fish”, there is almost always great potential for smaller sites to be relatively easily contacted. In addition to our customers in the SME sector, we also have several specialties. One of these is the profit increase in internet forums. Here we are involved already at a very early stage where we ensure smaller communities optimal and personal attention. In this manner, we have been able to help several “hobby projects” to become a regular “income project”.

Part of IXOLIT Group

IXOADS is part of the IXOLIT Group and can clearly be found at the source for technical state-of-the-art solutions. As a full-service provider in the high-end IT market, IXOLIT has offered companies from different sectors All-In-One solutions as well as individual solutions for complex web projects for more than 15 years. Core competencies are managed infrastructure and software development. Another foundation of the company’s success is the importance of personal counseling and a passion for solutions and ideas that are never developed just off the peg. With this strong background, you as the IXOADS customer are always guaranteed that your advertising formats are secure and of high quality. Our dedicated team works closely with technicians and can quickly adapt to new tasks. We develop together with you, according to your individual needs, a customized solution.

Your benefits

  • Professional marketing with years of expertise
  • Individual marketing strategy through personal service
  • Cooperation and increase sales by top advertisers
  • Transparency & timely payment
  • Generation of high-quality traffic
  • Optimal monetization of advertising inventory
  • Maximum traffic load and increase profits
  • Innovative advertising formats
  • Best networking in the online marketing sector (domestic and international)
  • Technical assistance by the IXOLIT Group
  • Personal supervision
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